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By eating healthily and regularly you will not only gain energy and well-being but also health. Diet affects every aspect of the body's functioning not only in terms of weight, but also in terms of mood and dealing with stress.

As personalising a proper diet and preparing it requires knowledge, skills and time, which not everyone has at their disposal, we decided to allow everyone, including busy people, to eat healthy food.

We know that diet is usually associated with sacrifices - we want to change that. Our menu is varied, tasty and you can also find desserts in it. In our opinion, a box diet should be a more comfortable equivalent of going to a healthy restaurant. Therefore, our dishes are not only tasty and colourful, but also aesthetically served, and the menu can be compared with those of restaurants - although it is better balanced in terms of diet.


Frequently asked questions:

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Can the containers in which the diet is delivered be inserted into the microwave?

Yes, after removing the foil, the meals can be heated in a microwave oven.

How is the diet chosen?

Our dietician asks about age, weight, height, gender, level of physical activity, food preferences and possible dietary disorders and dietary goals. On this basis he or she calculates the appropriate caloricity and selects the type of diet.

When are the deliveries made?

The diet is delivered in the morning.

When are the meals prepared?

Cooking takes place in the afternoon on the day preceding the delivery.

Do I have to take my diet personally?

Not if it is possible, we can leave the set at the reception or at the door.

What can I drink on a diet?

We recommend consuming at least 1.5 l of water (preferably still water) per day. Green tea and herbal infusions also work well. Coffee is also acceptable, however, in quantities not greater than 3 cups per day and without cream or sugar, you can add lean milk to it. Avoid sweetened drinks, juices and alcohol - a glass of red, dry wine is acceptable.

Why 5 meals?

Regular eating is extremely important, regulates metabolism and helps to avoid hunger attacks.

Can I change the order of meals?

If similar calories are to be replaced (for example, breakfast and lunch or II breakfast and afternoon snack), this will not have a negative effect on the results of the diet.

How to check if you service my location?

In the Delivery tab, select a nearby big city and enter your address below the map. It will be indicated on the map. If you are in a green area, delivery is free of charge.

What should I do if I am not in the free delivery area?

Call us or write to us and leave an address. We will verify the possibility of delivery and contact you back.

How long can I be on a diet?

Since all our diets are balanced, there are no time limits for using them.

Is the diet light?

Our diets are high-fibre siets, so we can't call them easy to digest. However, there are no fried or fatty foods in them.

What diet is suitable for lowering cholesterol and triglycerides?

All our diets are balanced and arranged according to the principles of modern dietetics. There are no fried or greasy products in the menu. Each of our diets leads to health improvement, including a reduction in bad cholesterol and triglycerides. A vegetarian diet with fish is particularly effective in improving the condition of the blood circulation system.

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