Diet catering - Białystok

Check if your location is covered by a free delivery of our diet.

Professional diet with delivery in Bialystok and surroundings

The green colour on the map beside indicates the area of free Premium Diet deliveries. Diets are delivered daily on weekdays and Saturdays (delivery on Saturday and Sunday) in the morning.

The free delivery area includes: Antoniuk, Bacieczki, Bema, Bialostoczek, Bojary, Centrum, Dojlidy, Dojlidy Gorne, Dziesięciny 1, Dziesięciny 2, Jaroszówka, Kawaleryjskie, Lesna Dolina, Mickiewicza, Mlodych, Nowe Miasto, Piaski, Piasta 1, Piasta 2, Przydworcowe, Sienkiewicza, Skorupy, Sloneczny Stok, Starosielce, Wygoda, Wysoki Stoczek, Zawady, Zielone Wzgórza

Deliveries are also made outside the indicated area. The fee for the delivery of a diet outside the free zone is set individually - in such a situation contact us to know the price and possible delivery hours.

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