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Regulations – these Regulations of the Service

Seller - Paweł Piotrowski conducting business activity under the name FART Paweł Piotrowski at the address: ul. Obrzeżna 1a flat. 176 in Warsaw, entered into the CEIiDG (the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity), run by the Minister of Economy, NIP (Tax Number) 543-201-46-26, REGON (National Business Registry Number) 141960759, BDO: 000106672 (e-mail:

Client - a natural person with full legal capacity, of legal age, both a Polish citizen and a citizen of any other country;

Agreement - a sales agreement within the meaning of the Civil Code, concluded between the Customer and, using means of distance communication;

Diet set - a set of five dietary meals for one day prepared for the customer; Services - preparation of dietary sets, their delivery and service related to the reception and management of customer orders in the Service.

Internet service - website located at:, together with all subpages constituting its part, in which offers and sells its services to customers.

Order - a declaration of will of the customer aimed at concluding an agreement with the Seller


1. The Regulations specify the terms and conditions of using the Website

2. The owner and administrator of the website and the administrator of personal data is FART Paweł Piotrowski, ul. Obrzeżna 1a flat 176 in Warsaw, NIP: 5342014626.

3. The Regulations, as a template of the agreement in electronic form, are binding on the Clients in accordance with Article 384 § 2 and 4 of the Civil Code.

4. informs the Customers that due to the public nature of the Internet network through which it provides services electronically, the use of these services may involve the risk of interference of third parties in the transmission of data transmitted through it between and the Customer.

5. The appearance and content of the Website and all other content and materials made available to customers within the Website are the property of and are protected by the Act of February 4, 1994 on Copyright and Related Rights.


1.In order to use the service it is necessary to meet at least the following technical requirements:

• have an active email account;

• have an access to a device that allows you to browse the web with an active Internet connection;

• support for Java Script scripts, cookies and pop-up windows enabled in the browser used by the Customer

2. The customer is obliged to provide only with true personal data. He or she is also obliged to update his data every time they are changed. The responsibility for any possible negative consequences of providing incorrect or untrue data or in case of lack of data update lies with the Customer.

3. The customer is obliged to use the service only in accordance with the Terms of Use, applicable laws and good manners adopted for the use of the Internet and performing activities via it.

4. The customer is not allowed to use illegal content, including content violating the rights of or third parties, offensive, vulgar or obscene content, contrary to the principles of social intercourse or good manners, while using Service.


1. The services of include:

• preparation of balanced, ready-to-eat meals in the form of dietary Sets;

• delivery of Dietary Sets to the address indicated by the Customer, in cities covered by the range of, according to the current list available at the Service;

• services available at

2. The prices of dietary sets are specified in the website in the "Price list" tab:

3. The prices of Dietary Sets are expressed in Polish zlotys (PLN) and are gross prices, which means that they include value added tax (VAT).

4. The price of Dietary Package includes its delivery to the address indicated by the Customer within the free delivery zone available on the Website in the "Deliveries" tab:

5. In the case of delivery of the Dietary Package outside the free delivery zone - additional cost of delivery outside the free delivery zone will be added on a individually agreed basis.

6. When placing an order, will verify and inform the customer about the possibility or impossibility of delivery to the delivery address indicated by the customer.

7. reserves the right to change the parameters of Services, including the introduction of new products and the withdrawal of previously offered types of Dietary Sets, to change their price and to change the area of free deliveries. The above mentioned changes in parameters will not cover orders placed before their introduction.

8. While using services, the Customer may place orders for dietary sets by telephone or e-mail and by using the inquiry form available on the website.

9. While placing an order, the Customer should read these Terms and Conditions.

10. The customer places an order, then contacts the customer to agree and confirm the details of the contract, and the conclusion of the Agreement occurs when the customer receives confirmation of the order delivered to the e-mail address indicated by him. When the agreement is concluded, the Customer is obliged to pay the amount indicated in the order.

11. While placing an order, the Customer shall specify the selected diet type and number of dietary sets, their caloricity, address and delivery schedule, and shall provide personal data necessary to complete the order, in particular name, surname, telephone number and e-mail address.

12. reserves the right to additional verification of the Customer's data, e.g. by telephone in case of any doubts regarding the parameters of the order. In such a situation will refrain from accepting the order until all doubts have been clarified.

13. After placing an order, the Customer receives an e-mail with confirmation of the order to the e-mail address indicated while placing an order at or e-mail address given while placing an order by telephone, or e-mail address from which the Customer sent his order.

14. Pursuant to Article 38 point 4 of the Act of May 30, 2014 on Consumer Rights, the customer does not have a statutory right to withdraw from the Agreement, because the object of the service provided by is a thing that is subject to rapid deterioration and has a specified, short term of usefulness.

15. enables the customer to cancel the order at any time during the term of the contract, provided that for dietary sets ordered for production and/or delivered to the customer, the customer is obliged to pay in accordance with the Price List contained in the service

16. is not responsible for health contraindications of the Customer in the application of the diet, which the Customer should consult with his or her doctor before starting to use dietary sets. also informs that although dietary advice provided by dieticians is based on dietary expertise, in accordance with current standards and recommendations in this area, yet in the absence of full diagnostic knowledge of individual health conditions and nutritional intolerances of customers cannot be held responsible for any possible consequences of using recommended types of dietary sets.


1. Orders are accepted at via the order form and by e-mail 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, and by telephone at Customer Service at the telephone numbers available on the website:, during the working hours of the Customer Service.

2. Orders for the next day are accepted no later than at 10:00 a.m. of the working day preceding the day of delivery of the set, and in the case of Monday delivery, no later than at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday.

3. Deliveries of diet sets take place on days and hours agreed with the customer, however, they are possible every day from Monday to Friday and on Saturday morning for Saturday and Sunday. reserves the right to change the delivery schedule during the holiday periods, of which will inform the Customer in advance.

4. declares that in cases, when for reasons beyond its control, the fulfilment of orders will be impossible in the date indicated by the customer, will agree another date for the fulfilment of the order with the Client.

5. undertakes to carry out the order in accordance with the specifications of dietary sets selected by the customer from the offer presented in the Service

6. Customer's contact with is possible by e-mail at or by telephone at (+48) 666 874 641 or (+22) 257 86 26.

7. The customer is obliged to pay the fee for the ordered dietary sets by paying by means of:v

a. - bank transfer to account no. 22 1750 0009 0000 0000 4084 5526, in the title of which the name of the person for whom the Dietary Sets are intended according to the data provided during the order placement should be written, or

b. - online transfer to in the T-Pay system. The entity providing online payment services by electronic means for is Krajowy Integrator Płatności S.A., ul. Św. Marcin 73/6 in Poznań, or

c. - in cash, to the courier on the first day of the order.

8. reserves the right to suspend or cancel an order for important reasons, including:

- the lack of Customer’s information on health contraindications for the consumption of dietary sets; after receiving the order,

- the lack of payment for the ordered dietary sets;

- providing incorrect, incomplete or erroneous data when placing an order


1. Complaints in connection with the use of the Services of by the Customer may be submitted in writing: by e-mail to: zamó or to the address of ul. Obrzeżna 1a lok. 176 w Warszawie.

2. Complaints related to the fulfilment of the Service should be submitted immediately, but no later than within 3 calendar days from the occurrence of the event justifying the complaint. The exception is a complaint regarding the lack of the delivery. In case of the lack of delivery, the complaint should be lodged by 12:00 p.m. on the day on which the delivery was to be performed.

3. A properly filed complaint should include: name and surname of the Customer, delivery address, e-mail address used for contact, description of the complaint event with justification.

4. The Seller shall respond to the complaint immediately, no later than within 14 calendar days from the date of its receipt. In case of exceeding the deadlines for filing a complaint specified in point 2, the complaint may remain unanswered.

5. informs the Customer who is a consumer about the possibility of using out-of-court methods of complaint handling, among others, by submitting by the Customer, after the complaint procedure has been completed, an application to initiate mediation or an application to consider the case before an arbitration court (the application can be downloaded from the website The list of permanent Consumer Arbitration Courts operating under the Voivodship Inspectorates of Commercial Inspection is available on the following website: Out-of-court vindication of claims after the end of the complaint procedure is free of charge.


1. reserves the right to make changes to the Terms and Conditions due to important reasons related to the change: conditions of providing Services and offer; conditions of using Services; functionality of Service; binding legal regulations.

2. Should any provisions of these Terms and Conditions be declared invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall remain in force and shall propose in good faith substitute provisions valid and enforceable, in accordance with the will of the parties expressed in these Terms and Conditions.

3. In matters not regulated in the Regulations, the provisions of the Polish law shall apply.

Amendments to the Regulations become effective upon their publication in the Service.

Changes to the Regulations will not affect orders placed before the changes are made. Such orders shall be executed on the basis of the rules in force on the day of their placement.


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