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Professional diet with delivery in Rzeszow and surroundings

Diets are delivered daily on weekdays and Saturdays (delivery on Saturday and Sunday) in the morning.

The free delivery area includes: Baranowka, Biala, Budziwoj, Drabinianka, Osiedle Franciszka Kotuli, Osiedle Krakowska – Poludnie, Milocin, Osiedle Nowe Miasto, Nowe Miasto, Osiedle 1000-Lecia, Osiedle Biała, Osiedle Budziwój, Osiedle Dabrowskiego, Osiedle Drabinianka, Osiedle Generala Grota Roweckiego, Osiedle Generala Wladyslawa Andersa, Osiedle Kmity, Osiedle Krola Stanisława Augusta, Osiedle Mieszka I, Osiedle Milocin, Osiedle Paderewskiego, Osiedle Piastow, Osiedle Pobitno, Osiedle Przybyszowka, Osiedle Pulaskiego, Osiedle Slocina, Osiedle Staromiescie, Osiedle Staroniwa, Osiedle Wilkowyja, Osiedle Wzgorza Staroniwskie, Osiedle Zalesie, Osiedle Zaleze, Osiedle Zwieczyca, Pobitno, Przybyszowka, Ruska Wies, Slocina , Staromiescie, Staroniwa, Srodmiescie, Wilkowyja, Zalesie, Zaleze, Zwięczyca


Deliveries are also made outside the indicated area. The fee for the delivery of a diet outside the free zone is set individually - in such a situation contact us to know the price and possible delivery hours.


If you want to have your diet delivered daily to a different address, also at different times we can do it, however it is important that we receive information about such changes early enough, i.e. by 10 a.m. on the working day preceding the delivery of the diet.

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